First Answer The Main Question

When I’m helping people through retirement it’s helpful to do a lot of imagining about the future. Most of the time people come to me to help them with math problems. The number one concern folks have when I am meeting with them is “Will I run out of money?”

Usually I can help answer that question with asset allocation recommendations, distribution strategies, tax planning, social security planning, health care planning, and more. It really depends on how much money you’re planning to spend and give and how long you think you’ll have to do it. I have software and spreadsheets and calculators for this.

Once we can be pretty certain you won’t run out of money, what’s next?

Now What?

Now that you don’t have to work what are you going to spend your time on?

Hobbies are great and fulfilling. Definitely take time to rest. Play golf. Fly balloons. Build cars. Learn a language or play music. Enjoy life. If you were out of balance on the work-rest-work-rest rhythm of life before, retirement is a great time to get back into it.

Retirement years should be another phase of dreaming and working and resting. You can accomplish so much still. It doesn’t have to be anything radical, but make sure you’re building into your retirement plan some fantastic and amazing things.

Do It Now

You don’t have to wait until you’re retired to rest or to dream. Do it now. Life is about much more than paying bills. Get your finances under your control. Figure out what’s important now so that you can use your money on the things that line up with your values.

Soli Deo Gloria!