Hi, I’m Jason Demland.

I’m the founder of Demland Wealth, a financial planning firm for Christians working through planning a retirement that glorifies God.

I’m also a family man married for 13 years with 5 kids who is devoted to the ministry of the local church. I’m an ordained Elder in the Reformed Church in the U.S. and I’m very curious about how Christians can steward their God-given wealth to impact the kingdom.

Retirement planning has become a worldly experience that leaves many people feeling discontent, disoriented, and unaligned with what they value. I’m here to change that.

I grew up on a dairy farm in rural Northwest Ohio. It’s no longer a dairy, but my dad still runs a beef operation on the family farm that Demlands have lived on since the 1860s. I skipped out on college right after high school and tried to be a professional musician as the guitar player in a band, but it didn’t work out. I still enjoy writing and playing music and am a rocker at heart.

I met my wife while she was busy being the best barista in the country and we got married in 2009. Combined we had amassed over 115k in debt and I was trying my hand at farming alfalfa with my dad. The Case IH Magnum we were renting only got AM radio and in the providence of God I discovered the Dave Ramsey show and became obsessed with personal finance.

Farming didn’t work out, but I eventually got a job at a bank, we got out of debt, I got my securities licenses at a regional bank, I went back to school, helped start up an independent advisory company, got my bachelor’s degree at Bowling Green State University, became a CFP® Professional, started Demland Wealth, became a Certified Kingdom Advisor®, and now I help Christians with money so they have more to give away.

I specialize in tax efficient retirement planning for people that want to retire to a life of work for the gospel and charity. The Lord has blessed me and it’s working out great.

I believe the way to financial comfort is trusting in our only comfort in life and death: belonging to our faithful savior Jesus Christ.

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Reach out to me directly for personalized assistance tailored to your needs—your success story starts with the right answers.

Do I have to be a Christian to work with Demland Wealth?

I am open to working with anyone of any faith! The advice I give will always be backed by Biblical principals and the basics of the Christian faith, wisdom that I believe is necessary for all of human flourishing. So I believe it works for everyone.

How much does it cost?

I offer two tiers of service. My 10+ years of experience and education have prepared me to be most valuable to retirees with Christian values. I charge $500/mo for a yearly planning engagement for comprehensive planning. This is billed monthly in arrears and can be paid via check, ACH, or credit card. I also offer customized investment management on a tiered schedule (depending on the amount invested) that is debited directly from managed investments. Investment management costs can offset planning costs.

The other method of working with me is a monthly subscription. This is a self-directed strategy supported with accountability and electronic consultations with me for oversight. This service is $79/mo and can also be paired with investment management (on a tiered fee schedule).